Month: August 2021

The Problem In Africa Is Vaccine Famine

Uganda has a population of just over a 45million. 21.9 million people are in the priority group for vaccination. Museveni had announced the partial lifting of the lockdown. However, only 1.5% (or about a 1.2million) of the target group had received the recommended vaccines. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng minister of health stated that…

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Small Business SEO: Ranking Your Business On Top Of Google

Search engine optimization (SEO), is becoming more important to business owners. It allows them to increase their revenue by using the internet. Every business owner should strive to reach the top of Google’s search engine, which can increase their revenue exponentially. Are you frustrated by your competitors ranking higher in search results? Have…

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Best Apps For Your New Windows PC

Windows users who have used Windows in multiple versions know that there are always utilities and apps that can enhance your experience. Last year’s edition included several great ones; this year we have some new additions. Consider installing some or all of these if you have a new system. AFFINITYPHOTO A photo manipulation…

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