The debate over the therapeutic benefits of cannabis isn’t over. Cannabis has experienced increased employment opportunities following recent legalizations of recreational and medicinal use. The growth rate of the marijuana industry is far higher than the growth of technology. The employment boom is predicted to grow by 220%, bringing many possibilities for job seekers.

There are more possibilities for jobs in the cannabis industry globally than ever before. Nine states have legalized recreational marijuana, and more than thirty states allow medical cannabis. Employment in the cannabis industry could be the best option for you.

Potential Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

A lot of companies provide employee perks and advancement opportunities. The range of wages can be varying based on experience. However, the entry-level positions typically pay higher than the average national wage. These are the most sought-after jobs in the cannabis industry.

1. Extraction Director

The process of processing and refining active ingredients like CBD and THC is controlled by a director responsible for extraction. The active ingredients are utilized to create oil concentrates and other food items. Directors of extraction oversee the lab and facility’s design and operation and manage employees’ compliance process and recruitment. They are accountable for ensuring that cannabis extracts are manufactured safely and consistently while also providing its production and cost goals. The majority of candidates have backgrounds in formulations for pharmaceuticals or genetics of plants. The extracted material is called cannabis juice that can be used for vape pens. One of the leading users of vape pens is Calgary. Type in “vape pen Calgary” and read more about it to give you a brief background on vape pens. 

2. Cultivation Director

A competent director of cultivation is necessary for any cannabis business. Directors of cultivation should be able to oversee the staff, plant and clone management, nutrition, and pest control. To get good yields, many people who apply to this field rely on their understanding of horticulture and botany. 

3. Manager of Cannabis Compliance

The cannabis compliance manager is responsible for ensuring that the cannabis products comply with the regulations, laws, and safety and health regulations. Cannabis compliance professionals are essential since every cannabis product must adhere to the state’s rules and regulations. Managers gather and analyze information from the moment of seed to sale and perform internal compliance checks. Managers must be able to develop new policies and training whenever needed.

4. Master for Edibles

In the case of marijuana companies that manufacture edible cannabis products, skilled chefs are needed. Edible chefs can develop new recipes and supervise edible production. Since edibles can be potent, chefs must create products containing adequate THC or CBD quantities. If you’re looking for an exciting career, think about the possibility of becoming a cannabis chef. Edibles are a thing in the cannabis business, especially in Canada. If you are interested and want to know more about it, type in “Calgary edibles” in your search bar.

5. The Chief of Dispensary

The dispensary manager is accountable for overseeing the retail operations of all cannabis-related businesses. They also manage the inventory of the dispensary and its daily operations. They must also find and train employees at dispensaries and comply with the state’s laws. Dispensary managers must possess the capability to lead and be determined to run an effective retail marijuana shop.

6. Trimming Expert

Trimmers are among the most sought-after entry-level jobs since they can prepare all collected products correctly. Trimmers trim cannabis plants’ flowers and then groom each flower. You have to be responsible and maintain a high level of hygiene to become a trimmer. Suppose you live in Canada and other nearby areas. In that case, you can search for a cannabis dispensary by typing in “cannabis Calgary” in your search bar to look for a job opportunity.