Medical cannabis products are available in various types, including cannabis topicals to treat different health concerns. “Cannabinoids” are used to describe the active chemicals found in medical marijuana. It is possible to treat the symptoms of certain medical conditions and the adverse side effects of certain medicines with topical treatments made from the cannabis plant itself.

What are the uses for cannabis topicals?

Marijuana has always been used for its medicinal properties. Even the early Egyptians used cannabis flowers and honey to ease birth pain. Cannabis bandages and other topical treatments were used to treat wounds throughout the various civilizations, including early China and some parts of Europe.

The application of topical cannabis is a modern method of human consumption, aside from using it with weed accessories. Cannabis topicals can be utilized to serve a range of contemporary purposes, such as the following:

Pain Reliever

If the discomfort is visible on the surface of your skin, then topical cannabis could be a viable option for you. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, this plant is famous for its analgesic properties. According to surveys, most medical marijuana users favor cannabis over pharmaceutical drugs when compared.

There’s a shortage of research studies that prove the possibility that topical cannabis can ease severe discomfort from conditions such as muscle strain or arthritis. Topical cannabis, however, on the other side, has been proven to aid a variety of sufferers. The only way to determine whether or not canna-ointments are suitable for your needs is to buy them from licensed marijuana dispensary Lawrence and test the products yourself.


A cannabis topical can be an effective anti-inflammatory treatment, regardless of sprain, burn, infection, or other scratches. Topicals target specific body areas and could reduce the need for systemic therapy.

Although the most severe cases of inflammation might require additional assistance, here are some examples of cannabis users who have reported using anti-inflammatory creams and lotions:

  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Swelling
  • Twists and strains
  • Stings and bites from a variety of types of insects and animals
  • Osteoarthritis (arthritis)
  • Muscle pain


Are you hurt? Cannabis has antibacterial properties that are now widely recognized. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus may be killed by cannabinoids like THC and CBD (MRSA). A superbug resistant to antibiotics known as MRSA is increasing in prevalence.

The chemicals are believed to possess antibacterial properties that help protect plants from harmful illnesses that can develop. Cannabis is a potent antibacterial action on the skin due to these identical properties.

Acne Control

Did acne get you down? According to research, this is a new study. The evidence suggests that CBD, which is not psychoactive, can reduce oils’ levels on the skin. The antiseptic properties of CBD make it a substance that is of interest for acne-related skincare. Licensed dispensaries offer different Cannabis topical, like the HiddenLeafCannabis website, if you want to try it out.


Cannabinoids are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital to protect DNA and cells from the negative consequences of free radicals created by pollution. UV light and pollution are two familiar external sources of free radicals.

Due to various environmental influences, different ecological factors cause wrinkles and fine lines on our faces. Cannabinoids are effective antioxidants that fight inflammation utilized in beauty products and cosmetics. Create your night creams using them, or mix your daily moisturizer with these ingredients.

The Takeaway

Be aware that it could take some trial and error to discover the perfect cannabis product to meet your particular requirements. Consider these guidelines when looking for high-end cannabis products for topical use.

Cannabis is not an all-powerful elixir and shouldn’t be viewed as such. It can be used independently or with other treatment methods to reap the maximum benefits. But, as with any medication, it must be taken in moderation.