Are you thinking about starting your own business? A company can offer you a lot more security than your regular job. Although it may sound like heaven, being your own boss is still hard work.

It is easy to believe you are ready sooner than you really are. And it’s just as easy to let fear keep you from jumping when you should. These are the signs you may be ready to open your own business.

1. You are passionate about your new venture.
Passion is often exaggerated. Although it’s not enough, passion is vital. It’s important to have something you are excited about and not just frustration at your current job.

2. Your idea is a conviction.
As you begin your venture, there will be many closed doors and “no’s.” To be able to weather any storm, you must have faith in your product or services.

3. A product or service has a strong market.
It is possible to create a great business by combining what you love with what other people are willing to pay. Be sure your product or service is in demand before you quit your job.

4. Know your players.
You could launch if you know the names of your team members and have their consent. If you are a solopreneur and want to launch your business, you can join at any moment.

5. You have a plan.
It is not a good idea to cash out your 401k and expect a new venture. Be sure to have a plan in place for your new business before you quit your job.

6. A good brand idea is possible.
Your brand is how your company communicates with the outside world. Are you funny, serious, professional, or traditional? Before you leap, ensure that you are familiar with your brand and how it interacts with customers.

7. You are ready to learn — lots!
You will learn more about yourself and your market from the experience of starting a company. These lessons can be learned even if it means you have to confront your ego.

8. Fear of failure can be overcome.
Fear of failure can be a crippling factor in your business. It’s something we all feel to some degree, but if it’s not confronted, it can paralyze us as entrepreneurs.

9. Fear of failure can be overcome.
Although it sounds odd, many people fear success. Success comes with higher expectations, greater work, and more visibility. You can’t launch if you don’t have the ability to handle these issues.

10. There is some cash.
Although you may be able to start a business with little capital, it is not possible to make it a success. You’re more prepared if you have cash saved or another way to get the money you need as your company grows than someone who is deeply in debt.

11. There are no major life changes.
Sometimes major changes bring clarity and make us want to do new work. It’s great to be able to move through major changes before you launch. You should only consider launching a new company after you have had time to recuperate.

12. You are an expert in your industry.
You’ll be more prepared to jump into entrepreneurship if you have previous experience in the field you are interested in. Consider a side-job to gain experience before quitting your job.

13. You are a business expert.
A bakery is not for everyone. Business owners have to do more than just the job. You’ll be able to launch your own business if you have a good understanding of business, including leasing, hiring, and marketing.

14. You’re good at managing your time.
People often want to start their own business, but don’t like their boss. Are you competent enough to become your own boss? You need to be self-motivated and have the ability to manage your time.

15. You are aware of the risks associated with owning a company.
The risk of taking on a business is something that business owners are aware of. You may never make a profit and you might grow so fast you become overwhelmed. It’s a sign that you are ready to launch.

This is not a complete list. However, it can help you determine if you are ready to open your own business. If you are not ready to start your own business, this is your guide. Have fun and good luck!