Suppose you have worked as a freight driver for a company or an owner-operator who was leased. If so, then you could be ready for the change to having your trucking authority and operating your own company. This is especially the case If you’ve worked in both of these positions. Finding your trucking authority could be fairly easy; however, being aware of what’s required of you based on the place you are operating could prove more difficult.

What are the various types of authority that regulate trucking?

Your capacity to manage a freight shipping company is dependent upon having trucking permit service. This consists of a permit and registration given by the authorities. A company like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires specific documents and insurance coverage before providing authority for trucking, which is necessary to operate a truck legally. These are the different kinds of authority granted to truckers.

Household Broker

Businesses that make money by transporting belongings from other households for a fee fall into this category. Household goods broker apart from being able to transport items, the business will require operating authority if it offers estimates, whether binding or nonbinding, protective packing and packing services, inventory of things, and loading and unloading services. All these services should not be crucial for authority in trucking by availing their services.. 

Property Broker

This class, also known as “broker of property,” covers the distribution of personal property belonging to non-residents who do not fall under that definition as household items. In the same way, they don’t possess household items; the broker cannot take charge of the property, nor does it take responsibility for it.

Household-Goods Hauler

The “Motor Carrier of Household Goods” category refers to professional movers. Carriers can transport only household goods used in private residences with this operating authority. It could be items bought from a shop or factory and then requested to be delivered to the customer’s home by a motor carrier.

Property Transporter

The operating authority given to this category encompasses all regulated commodities, excluding consumer goods. The FMCSA mandates that carriers show proof of their liability in the form of bodily injury, property damage claims and dot compliance services.

International Household Goods Carrier

Any business that transports household items internationally but is headquartered located in the United States and is owned at a greater than 55 percent by a resident foreign or Mexican citizen has to apply for this type of operation authority. Only companies that satisfy certain requirements are granted this operating authorization. All household items that are imported from outside the United States must have their point of origin in a different country different from the United States of America United States or their final destination in a country other than one of the United States under this authority.

Regulated Commodity Hauler

This category is subject to the exact requirements as the previous one; however, it covers any item that isn’t considered a household good. This category includes companies that carry international cargo other than household items.