Ever wonder how an architect creates an award-winning building design? Or how a fashion designer creates fashion-forward clothing that everyone loves? Design is all about creativity. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the inspiration needed to inspire your creativity. We are all designers in some way. Design professionals don’t necessarily have to create an automobile or write a novel. They can also sculpt beautiful sculptures. Every day we take on tasks that require us to think, dream, collaborate with others, and feel inspired to create in every aspect of our lives.

1. You can let your mind wander in a new location.
Many designers find it difficult to find new places to express their creativity. It doesn’t matter if you’re used to the same old things or you don’t have any ideas, creativity can be stifled unless it’s allowed to flow. You can open your curtains and look out at the world from your home. You can surf the internet, read books or do something different for a few days if you are unable to leave your house.

2. Encourage creativity outdoors
Nature has a wide range of inspirations, whether you are drawn to inanimate or animate objects. Take a walk in the park or around your backyard and bring a camera. Photographing nature on film is one of the best ways to design. Instead of just walking around your garden, grab some gardening tools and plant some flowers. Being in nature is a great way to find creativity.

3. Give your home office a new purpose
Your home office is a great place to start if you’re a designer who is struggling to find inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting studio or a woodworking bench in the garage, it doesn’t matter if it’s your kitchen. How inspiring can it be to work in! Your workspace should be filled with images that represent your goals and books that you’re eager to read. Your workspace is an extension of your mind. Make it beautiful and filled with wonder, using colors, patterns, and textures to stimulate your senses.

4. Enjoy your vacation, not for work.
What is the last time that you took a vacation to experience the pure joy of exploring new cities or destinations? Traveling can inspire designers. Your imagination can be triggered by new cultures, people, geography, music, and food. Don’t put off your cruise around the globe. Get in the car, get behind the wheel and take a drive to see what happens.

5. Take inspiration from the play areas for kids and their creative play
There was always an opportunity for children to show their creativity when they were young. You could display your art at school, or create pottery in art. Or draw a cool self-portrait of yourself. You can use the same idea to keep your adult creative mind stimulated and active. You can create a playroom for your imagination, where you can doodle, create, and be creative.

6. When the mood strikes, document your thoughts
Do not go through your day with an insatiable appetite for ideas and then forget about them when you return to work. Instead, document your life. You will be amazed at how many ideas you lose throughout the day.

7. You and your work should have a sense of humor
Adults became serious and lost their sense of humor. This is especially true for those in the workplace. Creativity doesn’t have to be about discipline. In fact, letting go of the rules may lead you to new design ideas, new fashion trends, or architectural elements you didn’t know existed.

8. Visually dissecting one element can help you get inspired.
You can also allow your mind to think creatively by picking a single design element, such as a clock or chair with bright colors. This will help you focus on the unique elements of your creation. Your mind will become more open to creativity by analyzing and dissecting every part of your world.

9. Collaborate with your peers
For creative inspiration, look no further than your co-workers and peers. Although you might think you share similar experiences as you work together, synergy is better than the competition. You can have a “think session” at a favorite spot or you can escape the office to meet up with others in a creative setting like a park, museum, or other inspiring location.